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British Waterways - Head Office

Essential Information

64 Clarendon Road, Watford
Herts WD17 1DA

441-923-2011 20

Additional Information

Description: British Waterways is responsible for the upkeep of rivers and harbors. It uses one-man operated canal dredges which move around its network to remove silt and load it onto hoppers to be taken away. It has 13 branch offices around the UK.

Dredges: Gloucester, CL, 0.5 cy, 1983, British Waterways; Thoms Fletcher, BL, 0.33 cy, 230 hp, 1981, Fleming & Ferguson; John Bradley, BL, 0.14 cy, 1934, Charles Hill

Other Equipment: 6 tugs; 4 work boats; 2 crew barges; 1 floating crane