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Black Sea & Azov Dredging Co.

Yevgeniy Naumenko, gen. dir.

Essential Information

7 ul Suvorova
Odessa 270004
380-482-2513 00

Additional Information

Description: Founded in 1865, the company's first name was Committee for Dredging and Maintenance of the River Don outfall. Subsequently, the activities of the company embraced the whole area of the Black Sea and Azov. The head office of the company has been in Odessa since 1960. In the late 1980's, the company started working on projects outside Ukraine, namely Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Venezuela and Vietnam. Today, the fleet of the company numbers 70 vessels of various purposes, which are able to cope with every kind of dredging activity. Black Sea and Azov Sea Dredging undertakes the following activities: construction and maintenance of navigation channels and harbors, creation of foundation beds for docks and other marine facilities, offshore trenching, beach replenishment and land reclamation, shore protection, navigation aids servicing and hydrographic surveying.

Dredges: Gogland, H, 7826 m3, 14,220 hp, 1982, Wartsilla; Khersones, H, 4500 m3, 9340 hp, 1976, Smit BV; Chernoe More, H, 3500 m3, 8550 hp, 1964, Ateliers et Chantiers de Nantes; Azovskoe More, H, 2940 m3, 5590 hp, 1975, Vershure bv; Perekopskiy, H, 1300 m3, 3560 hp, 1988, Split yard; Tiligulskiy, H, 1300 m3, 3540 hp, 1985, Split yard; Dnestrovskiy Liman, H, 1250 m3, 4090 hp, 1976, Vershure BV; Arabatskiy, H, 1180 m3, 3512 hp, 1966, A. Stephen & Sons; Kuyalnik, CL, 112 m3/hr, 1350 hp, 1977, Astrakham yard; Genichesk, BL, 775 m3, 2620 hp, 1983, Neptun Yard; Bagrat Zakharyan, BL, 775 m3, 2620 hp, 1987, Neptun Yard; Bagermeister Grushin, BL, 775 m3, 2620 hp, 1990, Neptun Yard; Rion, BL, 750 m3, 2940 hp, 1975, Peene-Werft; Illyichevsk, BL, 500 m3, 2000 hp, 1973, Nippon Kokan; Desna, BL, 360 m3, 2610 hp, 1977, Tito Yard

Other Equipment: 1 tug; 26 work boats; 16 barges; 1 floating crane