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Bio-Nomic Services, Inc.

Peter Fleetwood, pres.

Essential Information

516 Roundtree Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28217


Additional Information

Description: Sludge management, land application and mechanical dewatering, belt press and filter press rentals, also hydraulic dredging. Owned by the Carylon Corporation. Chicago office phone number is 800-621-4342; fax: 312-666-5810.

Dredges: D7, AU, 10", H & H; D2, AU, Mud Cat, SP810; D3, AU, Mud Cat, SP915; D5, AU, Mud Cat, MC915; D6, AU, Mud Cat, SP810; D8, AU, Mud Cat, SP810; D1, AU, 1990, Mud Cat, SP815

Other Equipment: 17 mobile dewatering units (belt-presses and 2 - 100-cubic-foot plate presses); land application services; vacuum truck services