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Bandeirantes Dragagem e Construção, Ltda.

Ricardo Sudaiha

Essential Information

Av. Rio Branco nº 20, 12º a - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ 20090-000
552-125-1637 89

Additional Information

Description: Dredging and port works company, 100 percent Brazilian, inaugurated in 1974. Since 2000, Bandeirantes has been responsible for the execution of big works in several different ports in the country, using its self-propelled hopper dredges, floating cranes with clamshell grabs and hopper barges.

Dredges: Leblon, H, 800m3, 2000, 1992, IHC; Copacabana, H, 5000m3, 10,000hp, 2008; Recreio dos Bandeirantes, H, 1200m3, 3000 hp, 2000, IHC

Other Equipment: 1 tug; 1 barge; 3 floating cranes