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Baggerwerken Decloedt & Zoon NV

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Slijkensesteenweg 2
8400 Oostende

Additional Information

Description: BDC specializes in capital dredging, reclamation works and maintenance dredging works for port and harbor construction, construction of channels and docks, construction of airfield and road embankments, clearing, raising and removal of wrecks, creation of offshore islands, protection and extension of coastlines subject to erosion, creation and replenishment of beaches, trench dredging and presweeping and backfilling for offshore pipelines. In 1991, Baggerwerken Decloedt & Zoon became a member company of the DEME Group, Belgium.

Dredges: Vlaanderen XVIII, H, 11,300 m3, 11,315 kW, 1970/1985, IHC, the Netherlands; Breydel, H, 9,000 m3; Jade River, H, 3281 m3, 6222 kW, 1978/1994, Beliard Murdoch, Belgium; Orwell, H, 2,575 m3; Vlaanderen I, H, 2065 m3, 2874 kW, 1983/1991, Liesbosch, the Netherlands; Big Boss, BH, 20,7 m; Vollkracht II, BL, 900 L, 503 kW, 1967, IHC, the Netherlands; Nile River*, H, 17,000 m3, 19,998 kW, 1999, IHC, the Netherlands; Lange Wapper*, H, 13,700 m3, 13,860 kW, 1999, Merwede Shipyard, the Netherlands (*joint ownership)

Other Equipment: Krankeloon, 2,702 m3 barge; Pantagruelle, 2,000 m3 barge; Vlaanderen 7, 1,000 m3 barge; 9 steel tug boats; 1 pontoon; 2 booster stations; 1 work boat; 2 pontoons for boosters; 1 water fuel pontoon; 1 side stone dumping vessel; 2 survey vessels; 2 salvage vessels; 1 multi-pontoon; 1 supply vessel