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Bagersko Brodarsko Preduzece d.o.o. (BBP)

Mr. Milovan Rubezic, gen. mgr.

Essential Information

Hajduk Veljkov Venac 4-6
11000 Belgrade
381-112-0623 20

Additional Information

Description: Sand and gravel dredging company founded in 1903, and acquired in July 2004 by new management. The company's core activity is the exploitation of sand and gravel from the riverbeds of the Danube and Saba rivers and their main tributaries. The company is heavily involved in the shipping of these materials, as well as its wholesale and retail distribution. The company's hopper dredge Kolubara is available for dredging projects such as marina development, harbor dredging and maintenance, river bank defenses, land reclamation and environmental activities.

Dredges: Kolubara, H, 2500 m3, 1720 hp, 1970, YU; Skrapez, PS, 300 m3/h, 1500 hp, 1982, IHC; Drina, BL, 350 m3/h, 375 hp, 1979, YU; Bistrica, BL, 250 m3/h, 250 hp, 1981, YU; H140, WID, 80 m3/h, 134 hp, 1968, H

Other Equipment: 30 tugs; 12 work boats; 6 self-propelled barges; 37 aggregate transport barges; 3 elevator ships; two crew quarter ships; 2 car ferries; 1 floating dry-dock ship; 3 elevator ships; 1 hydrographic survey boat "Obnica"