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Ardeshir B. Cursetijee & Sons, Ltd.

Capt. Abraham Kuruvilla, chief exec.

Essential Information

Dredging Division, Willingdon Island, 24/1567 Subramanian Road
682003 Cochin
914-842-6677 63

Additional Information

Description: Started in 1810, it is one of the oldest marine organizations in India. Besides dredging rivers, harbors, lakes, ponds, marinas, and mining mineral sands (ilminite) by the dredging division, the activities of the company include shipping agency, stevedoring, tug and barge operations, inland water transport, transport of over dimensional cargo (ODC), and construction of RO-RO jetties.

Dredges: Beaver-I, CH, 630 m3/hr, 1155 hp, 1993, IHC; Beaver-II, CH, 630 m3/hr, 1155 hp, 1999, IHC; Ellicott-I, CH, 230 m3/hr, 370 hp, 1994, Ellicott; Ellicott-II, CH, 230 m3/hr, 370 hp, 1998, Ellicott; Ellicott-III, CH, 230 m3/hr, 370 hp, 1998, Ellicott