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Aqua Dredge, Inc.

Charles E. Pound, pres.

Essential Information

70 Byram Ridge Rd.
Armonk, NY 10504-1210


Additional Information

Description: Aqua Dredge, established in 1975, performs maintenance dredging services for government, industry and the private sector. Specialized equipment and methodology permits accuracy of +/- 1/10 foot. The company is fully qualified for remediation of Superfund projects. It is fully bonded and insured. Operational area is the east coast of the United States, from Maine to Virginia.

Dredges: ADI 1, AU, 8", 175 hp, 1994, ADI; ADI 2, AU, 8", 175 hp, 1995, ADI; ADI 3, AU, 8", 175 hp, 1995, ADI

Other Equipment: 6 work boats; 4 barges; 1 floating crane; two 8" 175BHP booster pumps