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Andrie, Inc.

Phillip J Andrie, pres.

Essential Information

561 E Western Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442


Additional Information

Description: Incorporated in February 1988, Andrie performs dredging, breakwaters, submerged pipelines, intake and outfall structures in the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Illinois River and Minnesota River systems. The company also performs transportation services including icebreaking, ship assistance, lightering, salvage and transportation of petroleum products, basic commodities, construction materials, equipment and specialty items.

Dredges: Candace Andrie, CL, 14 cy, Lima; Meredith Andrie, CL, 14 cy, Lima; Jack-Up Barge, 95' x 50'

Other Equipment: Tugs: Karen Andrie, 3600 hp, 120'x31.6'x16'; Rebecca Lynn,3600 hp, 120x31.6'x16'; Barbara Andrie, 2000 hp, 122'x 30' x 16'; Ronald J. Dahlke, 1200 hp, 70'x18'x9'; Robert W. Purcell, 400 hp, 45'x12.5'x8' Oil Barges: A410, 41,000 bbls, 335'x54'x26'-06"; A397, 39,700 bbls, 270'x60'x25'; A390, 39,000 bbls, 310'x60'x9.25' Deck Barges: Scow 50, 180'x54'x12', 2200 ton capacity