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 REDmeters new density gauge.

REDmeters new density gauge.

REDmeters based in Orlando, Florida, intro-duced a density gauge to measure the density of a slurry in a pipeline, ranging from two inches to 42 inches inner diameter. The measurements and calculations run in real-time, 33 times per second, and the gauage measures the full con-tents of the pipe, not a sample. In addition to measuring slurry density, the system can report percent solids or specific gravity, or total mass, if inline with a flow meter.

On the REDmeters, a patented flexible car-tridge deflects with additional weight in the pipe. The deflection is directly proportional to the weight in the cartridge and is translated in an ac-curate weight measurement. A highly sensitive displacement laser is recording the deflection at a speed of up to 3,000 measurements per second.

Depending on the application, the liner of the cartridge is made for highly abrasive materi-als, such as sand or slurry, rock and ore. The life span of the cartridge is set at two to four years with proper maintenance, depending on the abrasiveness of the subject material.

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