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HYPACK 2015 HYSWEEP simulation.

HYPACK 2015 HYSWEEP simulation.

HYPACK® 2015 was released in February. The new software offers real-time point cloud visualization, multibeam and water column data integration and playback.

The new program runs in conjunction with HYSWEEP and displays both multibeam and topographic laser data in a corrected and geo-referenced color-coded point cloud. The Hysweep water column logger is a new program that collects and logs the massive amounts of water column data from Reson 71xx and R2Sonic. Hypack 2015 creates simultaneous map windows with different matrix views to display depth information, or the number of samples, or the standard deviation per cell, or the average depth per cell. The new anchor handling routine allows both rig and anchor handling vessel (tugs) operators to graphically display the status and location of anchors and their cables, track their movement and deployment and send the anchor locations to the anchor handing vessel operators.

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