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Interested in advertising in IDR? Please contact us at our office:

Jason Koenig
Advertising Sales
Phone: 314-241-7354

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Display Ad Sizes

Size Width Height
Full Page (includes 1/8” bleed on all 4 sides) 8.75” 11.25”
2⁄3 Page 5” 10”
1⁄2 Page Island* 5” 7.5”
1⁄2 Page (horizontal) 7.5” 4.875”
1⁄2 Page (vertical) 3.625” 10”
1⁄3 Page (horizontal) 5” 4.875”
1⁄3 Page (vertical) 2.375” 10”
1⁄4 Page 3.625” 4.875”
1⁄6 Page (horizontal) 5” 2.375”
1⁄6 Page (vertical) 2.375” 4.875”
1 Column Inch 2.375” 1”


Ad Rates


Size 1x 4x 7x
Full Page $2,100 1,985 1,870
2⁄3 Page $1,670 1,560 1,480
1⁄2 Page Island* $1,340 1,265 1,200
1⁄2 Page $1,300 1,220 1,150
1⁄3 Page $995 945 900
1⁄4 Page $850 815 780
1⁄6 Page $690 670 635
One Column, Two Inch $315 300 295
One Column, One Inch $160 150 145


COVER RATES Back Cover Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover
Full Page $2,500 2,250 2,200


Low prices on back, inside front, and inside back ads. Flat Rate. Non Cancelable

Payment for ads is due within 30 days of billing date. CHECKS MUST BE DRAWN ON A U.S. BANK, IN U.S. DOLLARS. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

* Guaranteed only ad on page
Rates are based on the total number of insertions within a 12-month period. Largest unit to be counted as one insertion is a full page. A spread counts as two insertions. Advertising schedules composed of mixed space units are entitled to standard discounts.


Special Distributions

Product Focus: Sediment Treatment and Analysis
Ad space reservation: Nov. 25, 2016
Material deadline: Dec. 2, 2016
Bonus Distribution: Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Midwest Chapter Meeting


March – Annual Directory
​Ad space reservation: Jan. 27, 2017
Material deadline: Feb. 10, 2017
Bonus Distribution: CONEXPO-CON/AGG


Product Focus: Hydrographic Surveying
Ad space reservation: March 10, 2017
Material deadline: March 24, 2017
Bonus Distribution: Inland Marine Expo


Product Focus: Automation, Monitoring and Controls
Ad space reservation: April 28, 2017
Material deadline: May 12, 2017
Bonus Distribution: WEDA Annual Conference


Product Focus: Dredging and the Environment
Ad space reservation: June 16, 2017
Material deadline: June 30, 2017
Bonus Distribution: WEDA Central America Chapter Meeting

Product Focus: Mechanical and Hydraulic Digging
Ad space reservation: Aug. 11, 2017
Material deadline: Aug. 25, 2017
Bonus Distribution: WEDA Eastern Chapter Meeting and  WEDA Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting


Product Focus: Power Generation
Ad space reservation: Sep. 22, 2017
Material deadline: Oct. 6, 2017
Bonus Distribution: International WorkBoat Show and Hypack Annual Conference



We accept digital ads created in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign applications.

Please submit high resolution files (at least 300 dpi) saved as a TIFF, EPS, JPEG, or a press ready PDF.

Note: We do not accept files in Microsoft Publisher or Adobe PageMaker.

Bleed size: 8.75” x 11.25”
Trim size: 8.5” x 11”
Live Area: .25” from Ad edge
Color mode: CMYK

Please contact Dennis Robison  at 314-241-7354 if you have any further questions regarding art requirements.


Online Advertising

With our new site, we have several ways for you to market your products and services to our growing audience. First, we can offer you banner advertising. Second, you can list your business on our online directories and upgrade those listings to make sure they stand out.

Rates & Sizes

BANNER ADVERTISING, per month. All ads linked to your website.

$500 for 300 x 600 pixel
$300 for either 160 x 600 or 300 x 250 pixel

PREMIUM LISTING in online directory. Includes contact information, map, a link to your company website, three photos, business description and details, point-click updating as often as you like, highlighted in search results.

Per month = $50


For more information or to place your online advertising order, please contact:

Jason Koenig